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Window Box Planters Northern Kentucky Cedar

6X6" planter.

A small planter, great for a handrail, on the deck railing, or even a centerpiece on your picnic table! A neat look that can be moved in or out with the season.

     Small planters, great for windows, on porches, or decks. Solid aromatic red cedar weathers to a silver gray or can be weather-treated to hold it's color. Plant directly into the box using a liner (even a heavy plastic bag will work) or put your potted flowers right inside and surround with mulch, this gives you the ability to easily change plants with the changing seasons.

     Shipping is a breeze, give us a call and we'll get a UPS shipping rate for you. These planters have a gentle taper and a top molding, makes it easy to stack for shipping multiple pieces in a small package!


Northern KY Cedar

7301 Mt Gilead Road

Maysville, KY   41056


fax 606-742-2079

6X12" planter

A little larger, but still light weight and portable, a neat way to trim the deck, a stairway or a sidewalk.

6X24", 6X30", 6X36" planters.

A bit bigger, decorate a window sill, fasten to the deck railing or line the patio. Perfect to add lots of color, and that wonderful cedar aroma!