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Mission Furniture

These are my first attempts at the Mission Style. This is part of an order for a local videographer, leaving the safety of the TV News business and striking out on his own. The table will serve as his conference room table, and the desk will be used as an “Avid” videotape editing station.



This view of the table shows the pedestal style legs, at 8”x8” that should hold her up!



A big one! Overall it’s 8’ long and 4’ wide, and since it’s solid wood it weighs a bunch!



Now for the desk, 6’ long in each direction and 3 feet deep. The upper shelf is designed to hold 3 computer monitors, and desk are below that will be work space for the keyboard, and the desk extension on the left is sized to hold a mixing board and a video monitor. The shelf underneath will hold the computer towers.


All of the wood used is quarter-sawn white oak (about 200 board feet!). I picked this up at Taylor Lumber in Portsmouth, OH. They have great quality and a very attractive price at relatively small amounts.


My workshop is at 210 Front Street in New Richmond, OH, right next to Geni’s Hair Salon. Sorry, we don’t have a phone there yet, just lots and lost of sawdust!


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