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Solid Cedar, mortise and tenon joinery, your choice of finishes. We recommend a spar urethane coat to protect the look of the cedar, but we can finish your bench in exterior grade acrylic latex paint too, in your choice of colors!

4' Bench is $15o

5' Bench is $180

6' Bench is $225

Prices do not include sales tax or shipping


We use Eastern Red Cedar, grown here in the Ohio Valley. It's an easily renewable product, and is unmatched for use in outdoor applications. Cedar's natural oil acts as a repellant to rot and decay, and seems to repel most burrowing insects. The Amish have long used cedar in mail boxes, bird houses and even the in ground posts to support them! And the low cost of local cut wood allows us to offer this high quality beautiful furniture at very attractive prices

1836 US Route 52 Moscow, OH  45153